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Accent II
Tip-up, high-, semi-high back
Winga-based, fold-up seat to match Rescroft's popular semi-high back Defender and high back Nevis. Accent II was originally developed and marketed as Defender Access and met the 1998 regulatory requirement for rear-facing seating to at least meet M3 specifications. A 2005 styling redesign and rebranding to Defender Accent brought the seat's appearance into line with the rest of Defender range. This latest Accent II has a strengthened frame that brings the seat up to the toughest M1 standard.

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  Compliant to Community Directive 76/115/EEC (as amended) for category M1, M2 and M3. 
Vehicle category:
Nr of seats:
Maximum weight:
8 + 1(driver)
motor car
More than 8
Not exceeding 5 tons
More than 8
Exceeding 5 tons
• Available as single units only
• Compliant on Q-floor system
• Semi-high or high back
• Can be fitted either in left, right or centre positions* 
• Base heights available: 230mm or 300mm - low rake; 
  280mm or 320mm - standard rake
• Available on Unwin or Q'Straint quick-release fittings
• Optional Duo belts
• Range of accessories
• Fast delivery
• Duo belts 
• Headrest 
• 2 Armrests 
• Corner grab 
• Rear grab
• Top grab (on high-back units only) 
• Unwin or Q'straint seat fistures

To match original material in most vehicles.
Vinyls and moquettes also available.
Trim design service
Our Trim Development team can produce unique designs to order. A huge selection of woven cloths, moquettes, vinyls and leathers is available to choose from. Specialist stitching, panel shaping and upholstery effects can be incorporated into your design.
Please contact the office sales team , or speak to your Area Sales
Dimensions (for guidance only) 

1 Caution: It is not possible to test every permutation of seat width, accessory combination, leg height, position and type, or seat belt requirement. For this reason, it must be emphasised that compliance cannot be assumed where there is any deviation from the standard supply or assembly method. Additionally, the advantages of this product may be lost if insufficient consideration is given to the method of installation of the seat in the vehicle.
2 FULL compliance to seat belt anchorage regulations can only be achieved through vehicle testing.
3 Product improvement may affect specifications.
* Check fixing centres with Rescroft Sales
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